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Key Personnel

With over 300 employees, including more than 80 research professionals, Green Street provides actionable intelligence that keeps commercial real estate investors on the leading edge of where markets are headed. Our dedicated team covers 135 listed real estate companies, and property sector experts focus on a maximum of 10 to 12 companies. We bridge the gap between public capital markets and the private real estate market through our award-winning research and proprietary data sets, customized advisory services and experts in Europe.

While Green Street offers some services as an investment advisor, the US Research, Data, and Analytics products along with its global News publications are not provided as an investment advisor nor in the capacity of a fiduciary.

Our Thought Leaders

Green Street produces industry-moving insights and authoritative commentary to strengthen your reporting. Our wide range of experts and deep team of over 50 real estate professionals offer both breadth and depth. Sector heads specializespecialise by property type and have extensive knowledge of the REITs and real estate they cover, while directors provide perspectives on real estate trends, including fundamentals and valuation.

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