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Access three highly-regarded weekly publications and five related databases that deliver exclusive news and data on the commercial real estate and finance markets and participants. These insights are not available elsewhere and are religiously relied on by senior executives at the largest and most active firms in the industry.*

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Providing an early-warning look at risks, opportunities and behind-the-scenes dealings in the real estate space


Deal Database

High-Yield Fund Database

Conveying the earliest look at key dealings in real estate finance and securitization - activities not discussed elsewhere


CMBS Database

CRE CLO Database

Delivering news and statistics on money-making plays emerging from the evolving securitization business


ABS Database

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*Green Street's News vertical is not a product of Green Street's advisory business. It is an independent business unit of Green Street. Green Street maintains information barriers to ensure the independence of the News unit and the research and advisory services provided by Green Street.

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