Green Street

Terms of Use

Protection of Proprietary Rights: Research Products and News Products issued by Green Street Advisors, LLC ("Green Street") are the proprietary and confidential information of Green Street and are protected by, among other things, copyright and trade secret law, including the Uniform Trade Secrets Act and the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016. Misappropriation of (including unauthorized use, copying, or distribution) and receiving misappropriated products can subject the violator to civil liability and criminal prosecution. Research Products issued by Green Street Advisors (UK) Ltd ("Green Street (UK)"), are the proprietary and confidential information of Green Street (UK), and are protected by copyright. If you are a nonclient that received Green Street research products or news products from another party, please advise us promptly.

Research Products and News Products may be used solely for reference for internal business purposes. Green Street Products may not be reproduced, re-distributed, sold, lent, licensed or otherwise transferred without the prior written consent of Green Street. All rights with respect to each research or news product are reserved by Green Street. The unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of a Green Street Research or News Product constitutes can constitute copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. Green Street reserves all rights to pursue violators by all appropriate legal action.

A person’s review of or reliance upon a Green Street Research Product or News Product does not create a client relationship or make a person a client of Green Street. Only parties that have executed written agreements with Green Street are clients of Green Street. Only Green Street clients are entitled to rely on information in the Research or News Products. Green Street assumes no advisory, fiduciary, or other legal duty to any non-client. A non-client that relies on any information in any Green Street product does so at its own risk.

EEA Recipients: For use only by Professional Clients and Eligible Counterparties: Green Street Advisors (UK) Limited is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom to issue each report to "Professional Clients" and "Eligible Counterparties" only and is not authorized to issue each report to "Retail Clients", as defined by the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority. This report is provided in the United Kingdom for the use of the addressees only and is intended for use only by a person or entity that qualifies as a "Professional Client" or an "Eligible Counterparty". Consequently, each report is intended for use only by persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments. This report is not intended for use by any other person. In particular, each report intended only for use by persons who have received written notice from Green Street (UK) that he/she/it has been classified, for the purpose of receiving services from Green Street (UK), as either a "Professional Client" or an "Eligible Counterparty". Any other person who receives each report should not act on the contents of each report.

Review of Recommendations:

  • Unless otherwise indicated, Green Street reviews all investment recommendations on at least a monthly basis.
  • The research recommendation contained in each report was first released for distribution on the date identified on the cover of each report.
  • Green Street will furnish upon request available investment information supporting the recommendation(s) contained in each report.