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The quality of Green Street’s research is evident in the performance of our recommendations. Our team of experienced analysts makes recommendations on over 130 publicly traded real estate stocks in the US and Europe as well as macro calls on the direction of 1) commercial property values and 2) REIT market values.

Public Real Estate (REIT) Values

Hypothetical Track Record

Green Street is well known for the quality of its in-depth, detailed research at the company level.
The results can be seen in our hypothetical track record, based on our monthly recommendations.

Total Return of Green Street’s Recommendations

Annualized hypothetical returns from Jan. 28, 1993 to


Average Annualized Return on Buys

Green Street's BUY recommendations have generated annualized total returns of % from 1993 to compared to % for the stocks in our coverage universe and % for our SELL recommendations.

In every year from 1993 to , our BUY recommendations outperformed our SELL recommendations, demonstrating our ability in both bull and bear markets.

The performance shown above is hypothetical, but it nonetheless indicates our ability to pick stocks.
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Past performance, particularly hypothetical performance, cannot be used to predict future performance. Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal capital. Green Street Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. Services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where Green Street and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure.

Commercial Property Values

Green Street has created proprietary tools to help signal the direction of commercial real estate values. Green Street's Commercial Property Price Forecast combines signals from the bond market with signals from the REIT market to gain insight about the direction of property prices over the next six to 12 months. The tool has a proven track record signaling directional changes in commercial real estate pricing, though it is not precise enough to predict the magnitude of price moves.

 Forecast Appreciation  
 Neutral Forecast  
 Forecast Decline  
 CPPI (left axis)

Green Street's Commercial Property Price Forecast is published monthly in Green Street's Real Estate Pricing Macro Snapshot, a Real Estate Analytics report. Results prior to February 2012 are back-tested results. The model that generates the forecast is based on: 1) a comparison of Green Street’s proprietary time series of unlevered return expectations on real estate with corporate bond yields (50% of the model) and 2) the relationship between REIT share prices and the underlying private-market value of their properties (50%). Past performance cannot be used to predict future results. Green Street's Commercial Property Price Index, available here, is a time series of unleveraged U.S. commercial property values that captures the prices at which commercial real estate transactions are currently being negotiated and contracted. Click here for complete disclosure statement.

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