Green Street
    Risk Management
  • Quickly achieve sound decision-making with Green Street AVM's proprietary metrics
  • Obtain a comprehensive risk analysis of your entire portfolio with Portfolio Analytics
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    Forecast Risk Profile Discern Macro Shifts
  • Assess risk potential across sectors, markets, and alternate economic conditions Assess the impacts of trends such as demographic shifts, policy, tech disruptors and more
  • Employ our unparalleled forecasting expertise to minimize troubled loan exposure Capitalise on public market signals to catch mispricing in the private market
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    Regulatory Responses Prepare Proposals
  • Learn about our verified Sales Comps, as well as our Rent Comps in partnership with CompStak and Beekin Access market-level snapshots to easily prepare detailed loan proposals
  • Examine capital impacts under alternate risk plans explored with modeling tools Analyse active loan profiles and recommend solutions on a regular basis with ease
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    Portfolio Strategy
  • Leverage Green Street's sector and market analysis to optimize selection criteria Leverage Green Street’s 5-year Market Forecasts and sector/market analysis to optimise selection criteria
  • Underwrite assets and refine lending strategies with our mapping platform Underwrite assets and refine lending strategies with our mapping platform, and navigate our robust Sales Comps database of verified transactions €5M+
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The Green Street Difference

Green Street has developed its proprietary, differentiated research methodology over the past 35 years. As the leader in real estate research, we bring a unique set of advantages to commercial real estate investors.

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To become a client or learn more about how our service offerings can benefit you, please call our sales team at +44 (0)20 3793 7000 or follow the link below and complete our online form.

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