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Dec 13, 2023

Pan-European Residential Sector: Today's Advantages Towards Future Growth

Green Street’s latest webinar, Pan-European Outlook: Patience is a Virtue, discussed the opportunities and challenges ahead in ’24 for Office, Retail, Industrial, Residential, Hotel, Health Care, Tower, and Self-Storage property sectors (watch the full webinar replay here). In this highlight clip, lead analyst for the Residential Sector, Andres Toome, explains how factors – such as rent control and high supply barriers – can create overall positive impacts for the sector.

Europe's Residential sector has always been subject to rental regulatory scrutiny, limiting immediate cash flow to landlords. Although this has been viewed as a negative in the past, given how increasingly challenging it has become to be a homeowner due to higher mortgage rates and still-high home prices, the sector has benefitted by positioning renting as the cheaper, more popular option.

According to Toome, Residential has consistently been under supplied in Europe and new construction remains challenging. This has been a function of strong urbanization and net migration trends, in combination with relatively high supply barriers in top metropolitan areas. At present, the pace of new residential supply is decelerating across Europe; thus, keeping availability tight, allowing for rent growth and occupancy rates to remain strong.

This has created an optimal demand/supply imbalance that will continue to favor landlords, providing a great runway for future growth in Europe.

Toome’s commentary draws upon the extensive research and data available in Green Street’s robust web platform, which delivers actionable and unbiased macro, sector, market, company, and property-level analysis to drive more informed investment decisions.

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