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Green Street's 2021 Sector Outlooks Identify Opportunity Amid Continued Uncertainty

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Feb. 5, 2021 – Green Street has released an expanded series of reports detailing the impact of Covid-19 on 12 core and niche property sectors in the U.S. and Europe. The 2021 Sector Outlooks provide deep and comprehensive insight on operating fundamentals, valuation and the future of office, retail, senior housing, and other property types. This year’s annual release includes three inaugural Outlook additions – U.S. Single-Family Rental, Pan-European Residential, and U.S. Senior Housing.

“As a juxtaposition to sectors seeing considerable declines in demand, the single-family rental sector features one of the more favorable operating outlooks in real estate,” said John Pawlowski, Green Street’s lead analyst for U.S. residential sectors. “With rent growth running above inflation in nearly every metro, the sector still appears to be in the early innings of a multi-year run in fundamentals.”

Across the Atlantic, Green Street’s Pan-European Residential Outlook shows that, despite a year of mass unemployment and wide-spread job insecurity, operating fundamentals held up better than most core real estate sectors. The Pan-European residential sector will likely see stable fundamentals in 2021 and provide some of the most stable cashflows in the commercial real estate space. Key risks to watch are stricter rent controls, suburbanization, and poor demographics leading to a slowdown in household formations.

Ecommerce, working from home, and the self-storage supply story are only a few of the many other trends analyzed in the firm’s insightful new research. Green Street’s Sector Outlooks provide an in-depth analysis of supply and demand dynamics, risks and opportunities, capital expenditures, and return expectation trends across the top U.S. and Pan-European markets. Learn more about how Green Street’s leading market intelligence helps industry participants make better investment and strategic decisions.

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