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Green Street Offers New Publication to Help Clients Best Position Themselves During Market Volatility

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 31, 2020 -- Green Street Advisors, the preeminent real estate research firm, is keeping investors armed with robust research and analysis on how to best position themselves and identify opportunities during the coronavirus-induced market volatility. To help clients track fast-changing valuations, Green Street has unveiled U.S. and European versions of REITs Amid a Pandemic.

The new periodic publications center on how COVID-19 impacts commercial real estate at the macro and sector levels, providing a summary of key performance and balance sheet metrics. Rather than concentrating on traditional metrics, such as earnings, earnings growth, or net asset value (NAV), the reports focus predominantly on underlying changes in valuation and pricing, making it a useful triage tool for commercial real estate investors grappling with the impact of COVID-19 across entire portfolios.

Unlevered returns help highlight instances where share price movements that may seem appropriate on the surface are actually shortchanging the value of stronger balance sheets. Green Street accordingly utilizes unlevered returns in its new reports to provide a more accurate picture of how investors have repriced the different property sectors and individual REITs since the COVID-19 scare engulfed markets.

These reports will be published daily while volatility remains extreme, and no less than once a week until the crisis wanes.

As is the case in any downturn, sector-level performance during the COVID-19 outbreak will vary based on the economic sensitivity of each sector. The unusual aspect of this recession is the dramatic direct impact that the coronavirus fallout will have on some sectors. That fallout is worst for lodging, gaming, senior housing, nursing homes, student housing, and most retail. Download the complimentary report, Heard on the Beach: The Sum of All Fears for more information.


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