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Urban Land: Top Cities for Shared Self-Driving Cars

According to Urban Land Magazine:

Car manufacturers, including General Motors, Tesla, and Ford, and tech companies like Google and Uber are racing to get fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) on U.S. roads. Among the cities vying to be testing grounds for AV pilot programs are Pittsburgh, Tempe, Sacramento, and Portland, Oregon.

At the same time, concerns have been raised that driverless technology will generate more congestion and sprawl.


David Bragg, a managing director with research firm Green Street Advisors and author of Transportation Revolution, is more optimistic about the positive impact on longer trips in shared vehicles.

“With vehicle-to-vehicle communication, trips should become quicker and also more comfortable as things like stop signs and stoplights largely are eliminated,” he says. “So some of these longer trips will be enabled by the technology. At the same time, with services like Uber Pool and Lyft Line, we’re hopefully cutting the actual number of trips, when people share cars, either on shorter or longer trips. “


Bragg thinks another part of the discussion is the impact of AVs on parking. The United States has 150 billion square feet (14 billion sq m) of parking space—about four spaces for every car on the road. Repurposing private parking and street parking could have a major impact on how cities work.

“I agree the markets where it matters the most are where people use public transportation the least,” says Bragg. “But there is also the potential for people to go great distances in relative comfort.”


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