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IndyStar: From Toys R Us to Carson's, what lies behind recent spate of store closures

According to IndyStar,

The latest retail blow to Indianapolis came just Wednesday: Carson’s announced it will close its Circle Centre location. The department store is far from alone. In the past month Sam’s Club, Toys R Us, Sears and Kmart have announced plans to close locations in central Indiana.


While they will seek to close stores in areas where they may have multiple locations, the savvy retailer does not just think about brick and mortar sales when making such decisions. Instead that company takes into account whether a physical store helps drive online sales in the area by serving as a reminder of that brand’s existence, said Spenser Allaway, a senior associate with Green Street Advisors, a real estate research firm

Successful retailers find a way to lure customers off their couches and to their doors. To do this, they must make their stores attractive to visit, or the mall a convenient place to go, experts say.

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